TMS is a life changer!! I can't recommend this treatment and the TMS Center of Ventura staff enough! Caring and genuine people. Do not delay help for yourself. The faster you decide to get treatment, the sooner you'll get your life back.
Mariel, Oxnard
Mendiola’s a rock star.
Kanoe, Oxnard
It helped me tremendously. Thank you to all the TMS staff and Dr. Mendiola!
Mary, Camarillo
I had been a couple of weeks into the treatment when, walking out of the office after that morning's session, I said out loud to myself, "Wow, I feel better!"
Rick, Ojai
I did not believe that was possible, but here I am experiencing a rebirth of my old self and feeling pretty darn good more often than not. I could not have done it without the care, kindness and compassion of Lee and his incredible staff! If I could remember all their names I would certainly be including them, but the TMS unfortunately did not improve my terrible memory! Thank you for a second chance guys
Veronica, Ojai
Dr Mendiola takes time to get to know his patients, and prescribes what they need to get better and get back to the life they are supposed to have. He recognizes the benefits of therapy combined with medications. It is great that he has chosen to practice in Ventura.
Kristi, Oxnard
Finished my treatment. I'm a believer!
Jess, Oxnard
Dr. Mendiola is at the forefront, a pioneer in using transcranial magnetic stimulation for medication-free treatment. He is compassionate, understanding, and personable. I highly recommend him.
Deborah, Newbury Park
The TMS Center of Ventura has the most accommodating staff! They are compassionate and patient. The procedure itself was well worth it for me! I felt it's effect after two weeks and highly recommend it!
Maureen Shea, Ventura

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Dr. Mendiola completed his advanced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. His office is located at 1752 S. Victoria Avenue, Suite #250 Ventura, CA 93003. He also serves patients in the Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks areas.

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