What is TBS (Theta-burst Stimulation)?

Intermittent Theta-burst Stimulation or TBS  is a newer, more powerful and even more effective form of TMS which now actually mimics the natural endogenous “theta rhythms” of the human brain to evoke very potent excitatory effects.

Theta is the frequency that our brains use when learning new things or adjusting to new environments thus making TBS therapy superior to previous forms of TMS in treating Major Depressive Disorder (MDD or simply depression).

Since the introduction of TBS, the TMS Center of Ventura has pioneered in offering the new and life-changing treatment. We are thus very happy to say that as of August 2018, TBS is FDA-approved.

The 3-minute anti-depression treatment

Just like TMS, Theta Burst therapy is simple and non-invasive. The Theta Burst Protocol delivers stimuli in a unique pattern that rapidly stimulates the brain in a shorter duration of time. A 40-minute standard TMS treatment is now greatly reduced to a 3-minute TBS session.

It is also considered a safer and more tolerable treatment than traditional TMS since it operates at a much lower intensity but with equal or presumably even better efficacy.

A huge leap forward

Documented by research to be safe and effective, TBS has been described, beyond being the new generation of TMS — as a huge leap forward.

The Theta Burst Protocol, using short rapid theta bursts of stimulation at high frequencies (50 hz),  tends to mimic the physiologic rhythm of the human brain and involves the cerebral plasticity mechanisms responsible for positive and presumably longer lasting effects, which could translate to higher rates of remission in depression treatment.

So this is how it feels to be normal!

TCOV patients have the option to receive either the standard rTMS, the Theta Burst treatment, or both the Theta Burst and the conventional TMS, a double treatment protocol that has resulted in even higher remission rates for our patients.


The great news is that TBS treatment is now FDA Approved and may thus be covered by your insurance.

The cost of the stand-alone TBS treatment is significantly more affordable than regular TMS treatment despite having equal if not better efficacy due to its shorter duration.

Do contact the TMS Center of Ventura the better to determine if TBS is the right treatment for you and your loved ones to behold life anew, with all its wonders and beauty.

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Dr. Mendiola completed his advanced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. His office is located at 1752 S. Victoria Avenue, Suite #250 Ventura, CA 93003. He also serves patients in the Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks areas.

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